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Here's a link to an article by William C. Sproule, the EST for the Keystone + Mountain + Lakes Council of Carpenters - the article is about "Tax Cheats in Construction."

Misclassification/Tax Fraud has a huge impact on our contractors who appropriately classify their workforce, pay taxes and make sure that their workers are insured.


Thank you to the many contractors that attended IFCA's 2019 Winter Conference. 

Our conference provided attendees with a relaxed atmosphere for networking and "talking shop."

The Legal Workshop was fantastic ... the primary focus/topic was Indemnification.  A MEMO will hit all members' e-mail boxes later this week.  Just so you know ... INDEMNIFICATION happens to be our next legislative pursuit.

It's Valentine's Day ... let me tell you what I LIKE and LOVE about IFCA

I LIKE that IFCA was created to help signatory contractors with bonding, legislative pursuits that have a strong focus on helping contractors get paid or to reduce risk, negotiate local collective bargaining agreements, offer safety services, marketing (thanks Barb) and much much more.  We're in partnership with three unions (the carpenters, the IUPAT and the Laborers).  They are our human resource department helping IFCA members hire qualified, professional construction personnel that have been trained,&nbs

Happy 2019 !!!

Out with what's not working and in with something new and fresh !!!

Happy New Year ... join me in raising your coffee mug to a healthy, happy and successful 2019 !!!

Most of us start off the New Year saying stuff like ... I'm going to become healthier by increasing activity and by making better food choices.  Come on now ... we got this ... again.

For a BETTER New Year at work, it's also important to achieve a healthy work life ... you have to be willing to work on it and at it every day. 

Business e-mail etiquette ...

Consider a company-wide policy for sending business e-mails; below are a few basic tips:


  • Consider adding your “company name” to the subject line as it helps the receiver identify where the e-mail is coming from.  For example,Subject:IFCA – FALL CONFERENCE


  • Use a “greeting.”


  • State the purpose of your e-mail; add your closing remarks.


  • Finish your e-mail with a closing.


Misclassification ... learn more about it ...


MISCLASSIFICATION remains a topic of concern in the UNION construction industry. 

What can contractors do to try to stop it when they see an OPEN SHOP CONTRACTOR improperly misclassifying an employee as an independent contractor ???

Golf Outing: 9/24/18 @ Cedarbrook Country Club

This event is by INVITATION ONLY.  Look for your "invite" by e-mail early August!!!


White House Workforce Training Event

On July 19, the Building Trades and SWACCA attended the White House.  IFCA's long-time member, Tom Clerkin, was in attendance!!!  Tom, who is a signatory contractor, has been a stedfast leader at our association for many years; he is in partnership with two unions and is a supporter of his local apprenticeship training centers. 

Legislative Fly-In June 19 & 20, 2018 Washington D.C.


IFCA participated in FCA International's (FCA) Legislative Fly-In June 19 & 20.  I'd like to thank Geoff Furtaw, IFCA's Vice President and IFCA members - Tom Clerkin and Alan Bigelow - for taking the time to travel to Washington to meet with a variety of legislative assistants and representatives.

FCA's team met with Rep. Donald Norcross and Rep. Phil Roe to engage in discussions re: the GROW Act.