Build a winning team every
time by hiring union contractors.
At IFCA, our Members provide
the best work force possible
in the Philadelphia region ensuring
you will meet your deadlines. Our Members
have insurance, are bonded, have

extensive safety training, and have
access to unlimited, trained
manpower to handle any size job!




FOUR Great Reasons a Career as a
Construction Professional may be for you:

  • Tuition FREE: Education is paid by each union trade organization which allows every apprentice to graduate without student debt!
  • Cutting Edge Learning: The apprentice programs are not a substitute for a 4-year program BUT the equivalent of one.
  • Paycheck: Earn while you learn, which means yes, you get PAID while you are learning!
  • Job Security: The construction industry is booming and expected to be one of the fastest growing industries in 2020.

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