National Apprenticeship Week


National Apprenticeship Week is sponsored by the US DEPT OF LABOR (US DOL) - related to that the US DOL developed a new web site to promote apprenticeships and to list apprentice job opportunities.  Take a look ...

Click this link to view the Signatory Wall and Ceiling Contractors Alliance's (SWACCA) video released in conjunction with National Apprenticeship Week as well as to read the full press release:


Take a quick look at the local apprenticeships supported by IFCA and by our contractor members:


The Carpenters Joint Apprentice Committee exists to provide first class quality training to members and contractors associated with the carpenters' union.  There's a Joint Apprentice Committee designed with a focus to keep this training center the BEST in the US.  This particular training school was established in 1945 through the US DOL.  Since then it has grown and it has improved.  There are now 4 training centers in various locations (orginating from the one in Philadelphia) servicing Southeastern PA, DE and the Eastern Shore of MD.  When you visit the carpenters web site above ... clock on how to "Become an Apprentice" to learn what you need to do to become an apprentice!

IUPAT DRYWALL FINISHING - the Finishing Trades Institute (FTI) -

The FTI registered its first set of apprenticeship standards with the US DOL in 1945 and has operated in good standing ever since.  In 2009, the FTI became the first stand-alone building trade's apprenticeship program to receive full acreditation from the US DEPT OF ED.  The FTI is a leader and innovator in the apprenticeship world and continues to change the model with their outside the box approaches to things like: training, diversity, outreach and professional development of staff.  There's a drop-down menu on the web site "APPLY" that will show you what the reqirements are and the process for applying for APPRENTICESHIP.


Through the Laborers' District Council Education & Training Center's Apprenticeship Training Program, participants will learn skills throgh a combination of formal classroom instruction and on-the-job training.  Courses emphasize the principles of construction, equipment knowledge and oepration, materials, site preparation, maintenance and safety ... to name a few!  On this site you'll be provided with an e-mail to use if interested in applying for apprenticeship.