Happy 2019 !!!

Out with what's not working and in with something new and fresh !!!

Happy New Year ... join me in raising your coffee mug to a healthy, happy and successful 2019 !!!

Most of us start off the New Year saying stuff like ... I'm going to become healthier by increasing activity and by making better food choices.  Come on now ... we got this ... again.

For a BETTER New Year at work, it's also important to achieve a healthy work life ... you have to be willing to work on it and at it every day. 

  • Promote your Business regularly
  • Learn something New
  • Join an IFCA Committee (or become a member if you aren't already one)
  • Set GOALS
  • AND admit when something isn't working and "purge it" ... try replacing it with a new idea

Here's to OUT with the OLD and in with the NEW ... I love a good cup of coffee, YOU ???!?!?!

Happy 2019 - Kim Clerkin, EX DIR IFCA