Membership Services

       At IFCA, it's all about YOU, our MEMBERS!

  • IFCA Safety Program: Partnering with Haztek, IFCA has developed a customized safety program exclusively for IFCA Members.
  • Banner Benefit: Promote your business by hanging company banners at your job sites. IFCA provides Members with 4 banners per year for your marketing needs.
  • AWCI (Association of the Ceiling and Wall Industry):
    This is FREE to you as an IFCA member (cost to join independently is $475).
    • Participation in National Associations/Coalitions (Pension Protection Act)
    • Union Contractors' Council Initiatives (UCC)
    • Publications – Construction Dimensions, webinars, etc.
    • Events – Industry Executives' Conference & Trade Show
    • Education Programs/Technical Support
    • Industry Marketing
    • Foundation Research Series
  • SWACCA Affiliate Membership (The Signatory Wall and Ceiling Contractors Association):
    Membership in SWACCA is free to IFCA Members. As a national alliance of signatory wall and ceiling contractors, SWACCA is committed to protecting, growing and promoting our industry. A collective voice of highly trained and experienced contractors, SWACCA supports the Unionized construction industry through direct participation in Government advocacy; education and promotion; support in labor relations; and by providing tools and resources to its members at the regional level. Together, we’re sharing knowledge, solving problems and increasing opportunity for our Members. 

  • Awards Program: IFCA Members work hard on their projects and the Finish First Award Program is the perfect opportunity to showcase their work! Winners are showcased on the IFCA website and facebook page, in Construction Dimensions, The Blue Book, and are celebrated at the awards dinner.
  • Bond Reimbursement/Monitoring of Program: IFCA acts as your obligee for your bond so Members don't have to personally guarantee bonding. IFCA offers you reimbursement for the carpenters bond up to $1,800 and for your tapers bond up to $900.
  • FCA International Affiliate Membership (Finishing Contractors Association):
    National organizations are invaluable to IFCA as they provide trends, and networking opportunities with other industry professionals. FCA also represents union contractors in DC to seek out support for various legislation that will help our industry (1099s, Immigration Reform and the Pension Protection Act).
    • Coalitions and Partnerships (lobbying)
    • Committees
    • Events/Education
    • Government Relations
    • Labor Management
    • Publications/Website
  • OSHA Assistance: Limited legal representation is offered to members to assist with industry related concerns through Stevens & Lee. Limited legal assistance is offered to any member cited by OSHA.
  • Voting Rights: All Members are encouraged to attend the Annual General Membership Meeting where we vote on slated Officers, Board of Directors, and Association policy. Your vote counts and is important to IFCA!
  • Workers' Compensation Program (limited legal assistance through Stevens & Lee): This benefit isn't utilized often as your insurance company generally handles all workers' compensation claims; however, from time-to-time you may want to run a scenario past another professional, and if you do so, we have an attorney at Stevens & Lee to help!
  • Legal/Legislative Representation: IFCA's legal team responds quickly to all industry matters. Our lobbyist and Legislative Committee work to create and/or amend law to help our contractors get paid more quickly and aid in issues that are helpful to the success of our contractors.
  • IFCA Legal Binder: This valuable document contains practical overviews that you may encounter in your day to day business. It is password protected for the benefit of all IFCA Members.
  • New Hire Packet: Print this packet out and include it in a new hire's pay check. This is password protected exclusively for IFCA Members.
  • Winter Conference: Although this is not a free program, it is worth attending! Mike Tierce, our attorney, is available to you throughout the week to answer any legal questions and we also host a mandatory workshop.
  • Membership Meetings
  • Annual Industry Golf Outing
  • Publications, including BNA and the Philadelphia Business Journal
  • Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce
  • Political and Public Relations
  • Contractor Relations
  • Labor/Management Relations  
  • Industry Advancement Programs