IFCA Bylaws

At IFCA, it's all about YOU, our MEMBERS!

A Regular Member of the Association shall be any individual, firm, corporation, partnership, proprietorship or other person or entity who has been actively engaged primarily in the interior finish contracting, plastering, interior and exterior wall systems or furniture systems industry, who has contributed to one or more of the Association's Industry Advancement Funds for at least six (6) continuous months prior to membership, whose application for admission as a Regular Member has been approved by the Association, and who is not delinquent, as determined by the Board of Directors, in payment of dues. Only Regular Members shall be entitled to vote at any membership meeting of the Association and only Regular Members will be eligible for any Association Industry Advancement benefit.

Applications. Applications for Regular membership or, where required by the Board of Directors, must be made in writing by a person authorized to do so on behalf of the applicant. All applications for Regular membership must be accompanied by the initiation fee and current quarterly dues.

Acceptance. By making application for membership, applicants, agree to comply with the Code of Fair Practice adopted by the Association and with IFCA's Bylaws. Subject to the discretion of the Board of Directors, the Executive Director is empowered to accept or reject any application for membership.

Dues and Initiation Fee. Initiation fees and the dues applicable to Members shall be as determined from time to time by the Board of Directors.

Loss of Status. Regular Members who fail to pay current quarterly dues or any Member who ceases to be actively engaged in interior finish contracting or has not contributed to any Association Industry Advancement Fund for a period of six continuous months may be denied status as a Member. Such loss of status shall not affect any person's ability to be reinstated as a Member.

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