IFCA Legal Binder: Table of Contents







Do you have questions about the Pennsylvania Workers’
Compensation Law or Mechanics’ Lien Law?
The IFCA Legal Binder can answer these questions and more …
and it’s FREE to IFCA Members. 


  1. Prompt Payment Protections Under Pennsylvania Law
  2. Prompt Payment Protections Under New Jersey Law
  3. Prompt Payment Protections Under Delaware Law
  4. The Basics of Pennsylvania Workers' Compensation Law
  5. The Basics of Delaware Workers' Compensation Law
  6. The Basics of New Jersey Workers' Compensation Law
  7. You’ve got Mail? E-mail and Internet Use in the Workplace
  8. Practical Tips for Dealing with Contracts (Including “Pay when Paid” Clauses)
  9. ADA and FMLA Update
  10. Pennsylvania Construction Lien Law
  11. Delaware Construction Lien Law
  12. New Jersey Construction Lien Law (Including Amendments 
    to the Municipal Mechanics' Lien Law and the Public Bond Act)

  13. Payroll Audits For Multiemployer Benefit Plans
  14. Occupational Safety and Health Issues and Recent Developments 
    Relating to the Construction Industry

  15. Pennsylvania and New Jersey Sales and Use Tax Scenarios
  16. Tax News for Small Construction Businesses
  17. Overview of Employment Law Posting Requirements for Small Businesses
  18. Practical Tips for Improving Collections
  19. Multiemployer Plans Overview (Including unfunded liability 
    and what it means to you as a contractor)

  20. The Pension Protection Act of 2006
  21. Principles of Indemnity and Risk Transfer in Construction and 
    Modification of indemnification Clauses in Subcontracts