Safety Glasses

Most people would expect this topic to cover more than just one form of personal protective equipment (PPE). However, one of the recurring problems found on jobs is the lack of use of proper eye protection. Many contractors write in their safety programs that safety glasses are required when performing such tasks as grinding, using saws and such but rarely can any safety professional go onto a job and not find a hazard to the eyes. Whether it be dust, flying particles from busting concrete, metal ceiling grid hanging at eye level and we could go on and on. 

The point is that you need to protect your vision. Once you lose your vision it’s not coming back. What is ever more disturbing is that most of these jobs where safety glasses are not required 100%, there isn’t any eyewash or eyewash facilities available to rinse the eye from irritants. 

OSHA requires that eye and face protection anytime the work area presents a potential eye or face hazard and there are very few construction sites out there that do not have at least a potential for eye and face injuries.