IFCA’s President - Geoffrey Furtaw

IFCA Friends,

According to the Eastern District States of Regional Carpenters, our local construction market is going to remain strong for the upcoming year and beyond ... what a great way to start 2020 !!!

IFCA continues down the legislation path and remains diligent locally and in Washington, DC.  I remain excited about HB 1887 re: Anti Indemnification.  Our coalition representatives continue to answer questions about it, educate Harrisburg and the many groups that have offered their support of it.  Look for updates this winter.  I'm also excited about the 40% repeal of the excise tax on high-cost health plans (the "Cadillac" tax).

I remain supportive of services and benefits that promote union construction industry and that of small business owners.  I continue to be engaged nationally with all of the leading organizations that IFCA belongs to; and whenever necessary, will be sure to communicate the desires of the membership to our local labor leadership.  My first Joint Association Committee meeting with the carpenters was very informative; IFCA will schedule our next one mid-spring.

I want to encourage all members to support the Finish First Awards and the Safety First Awards. It's a perfect venue to showcase your union construction projects, thank the skilled workforce that helps create them and to recognize all of the professionals involved with us and our projects every day all year long. 

This year's Holiday Party took place at the Four Seasons.  Catie and Kim were funny and did a great job of roasting us through their "ask Alexa" dialogue.  One thing I've learned over the years is to never have too many cordless mics around the memberhship .... the evening ended with Gary and Mike trying to "one up each other" but not before everyone sang "Home for the Holidays."  It was a GOOD NIGHT !!!

If you have suggestions to improve upon our services and benefits please do not hesitate to reach out to Kim, Catie or myself.

Go Eagles!
Geoff Furtaw, Ceilings Inc.